New works in progress. Eight tracks down, another eight or so to go…

Britney Bootlegged!

Got bored. Wrote beat. Added a Britney acapella and re-edited an old movie.

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New Tourist With a Typewriter/Sizzlax collaboration.

Into the Void  

In a new collaboration with Tourist With a Typewriter I have been asked to supervise the soundtrack of this film. The guys at Tourist have spent a great deal of their time on a Kickstarter Campaign. This film is a bit of a departure from Tourist usual modus operandi of observational documentary and have decided to go experimental.

If you like the sound of the film and want to show some support please follow the link below: Even That Void Kickstarter Page  

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Mmmm… Beer and Studio….

Mmmm… Beer and Studio….

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Just though I’d post some of my latest material. They’re all still works in progress but it has been a while since I put anything new on Soundcloud so I thought it was about time.

Not quite sure where this project has come from. I guess it is a natural progression from my early days as a garage DJ to my current incarnation as a downtempo/dubstep producer. I’ve also drawn heavily from the future garage scene.

I have to say, I really love the philosophy of the scene as it is all a bit open and gives you a lot of room to experiment both with sounds and rhythms. Anyhow, have a listen and let us know what you think.

The first track features my good friend and longtime collaborator, Emily Zuzik, she’s had some success recently as a featured singer on Moby’s latest record. Hopefully, we’ll have some more material posted in the next month or so.

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New Mix from me to you!

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Joe Sizzlax. 1st March 2012.

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The Find Your Center EP (free download)

For a limited time I’ve enabled downloads onto my Soundcloud account for this EP. Though not strictly the hard Moombahton sound that die-hard fans of the genre maybe looking for, if you’re seeking more chilled out approach to the 110-112 bpm ‘four-to-the-floor’ vibe you may enjoy this!

Exploring Future Garage

My first ever gig paid DJ gig was playing UK Garage. My first ever paid gig as an engineer was mixing a UK Garage track. Anyhow, as the scene got shit, I moved away and started putting more downtempo tunes together. I also produced quite a lot of House, DnB and Dubstep over the years. 

I was at a party recently, in Momo where a girl from Record of the Day said she had been listening to Future Garage.  I had heard of the genre but wasn’t convinced. Still wondering if the genre had been hijacked by wanna be gangsters I headed out into the glorious Internet to find me some Future Garage. Seems the scene is picking up where artists like MJ Cole and Wookie left off. I even noticed that a few of the artsits associated with the genre we already on my iPhone. Turns out I had already become an accidental fan of Future Garage.

Anyhow, to keep a long story short. I got the tune mixed in some weirdness and the result is well… you can make up your own mind…

Track Listing:

  • 'Nessun dorma' from “Turandot' - Puccini 
  • Open the Pod Bay Doors – Starkey
  • Get Up Ft. Yolanda (ft Yolanda) – Pinch
  • All I Need – Submerse
  • Love Pressure – Sepalcure
  • Another Girl - Jacques Greene
  • Cloud Stryyyfe - Fins 
  • Street Halo - Burial 
  • Done Me Wrong – Mosca
  • Settle Down (feat. Bobbie Gordon) -Last Japan 
  • Will She Come Back? - Cliff Martinez

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All my releases EVER…

So people are always asking me where they can find my music. The real answer is in many different places under many different guises. Consequently, I have decided to create a definitive list:

Pseudonym: Sizzlax

Genre: Downtempo


The New Route EP (2004)

The Wonder Years EP (2010)

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JM Lewis logo

Pseudonym: JM Lewis

Genre: House
  • Waves / After (2011)
  • The Sum of Her / Indentify (2011)

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refix logo

Pseudonym: Refix

Genre: Dubstep


  • Roll On (2009)
  • Soldier / Discovery (2011)
  • Hope / Help Me (2011)
  • Minimally Conscious / Endeavour (2011)
  • Surviving feat Alice Grace / Shine (2011)

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Bipolar logo

Pseudonym: Bipolar

Genre: Drum and Bass


  • Exige / Mercenary (2011)
  • The Deal / Funkia (2011)
  • Ordinary World / Microbicide (2011)

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